50mm x 7.5M Fluorescent Yellow Chapter 8 Emergency Vehicle Tape

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  • Roll Width 50mm
  • Roll Length 7.5M
  • Adhesive Backed

Our V-8000 Series Reflective Tape provides striking reflectivity for emergency vehicles and any vehicle requiring superior high visibility markings or safety marking.

Available from on this 7.5M roll With 5 years durability this reflective prismatic vinyl is a durable product which provides bright and vivid reflectivity in both day and night-time conditions.

  • Suitable for safety and emergency vehicle graphics.
  • Striking and bold daytime appearance Bright and vivid night time presence
  • Easy to apply and conforms to simple curves
  • Permanent adhesive
  • Suitable for graphics on safety and emergency vehicles

Your fleet, emergency vehicles, and signage will consistently remain bright both day and night.

Other colours and sizes available on request.

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