Glow In The Dark Egress Tape 50mm x 10M

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  • Tape Size 50mm x 10 Meters

Photoluminescent Tape can absorb ambient light, either natural or artificial; retaining that light energy while still receiving light and then when they stop receiving it; either at night, during a power outage or in a fire, will then glow and emmit light which has a high initial intensity, which will slowly decrease over the course of several hours

  • Up to 30mins glow time from 1 charge
  • Quick charging (3-10 seconds)
  • Uses ZERO electricity
  • Ideal for domestic & professional use.
  • Strong acrylic adhesive
  • Works inside & outside
  • Easy to use, simply cut to size with scissors

Complies with PSPA requirements for safety signs when tested to DIN 67510 Part 1. Highly visible to the human eye in the dark after exposure to natural or artificial light. Gradual diminution of glow intensity over several hours. Can be re-charged by light any number of times. Retains luminous powers over indefinite period. Non-toxic, non-radioactive, lead and phosphorous free. No harm to health or the environment. Used for safety escape signs, panels, tapes, stickers, labels and coverings.

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